Friday, May 14, 2010


Little Freddy the squirrel was released yesterday, May 13, 2010.  He was more than ready for freedom.  We went to a secluded area and opened the door of his small transport cage.  He shot out and ran to a tree and started playing.  He immediately showed a relief of freedom.  Freddy was special and loved by quite a few.  I hope he does well.

Freddy before his release

Freddy released into the wild.

7 Little Opposums
"My babies" Most people don't care for opposums.  I think they are precious.  Yes, very stinky and lots of teeth along with a powerful biting attitude but precious still.  I let my babies go into the wild the same day as Freddy.  They all scurried away, just like they are suppose to do.  I will admit for me it was a tearful good-bye.  I will miss them.

Opposums on the way to be released.

Opposums released.

Little Bunny
I got this little bunny who was small but ready to be on his own.  I turned him loose as quickly as I could to ensure his health with a lot of wildlife.  With a lot of wildlife, if you keep them to long they will go into captive shock and die.  I always try my best to do what is right for the animal, no matter how cute, cuddly, or small  it is.  In this case this very small but mature rabbit was happily released.