Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My First Deer of 2010 & Squirrels

I always name the first deer of each year "Chaos".  Chaos 2010 came to me when a concerned gentleman found her beside her dead mom.  She had been there a while and was lucky to be found.  She is slightly dehydrated but strong.  I feel she has a very good chance of surviving.  I will keep you updated on Chaos & all helpless critters.

Chaos 2010

Only one day after getting Chaos, I received a phone call from Highland Animal Hospital in Augusta, GA.  They had received a fawn.  When the workers arrived at work there was a box at the door with a fawn inside.  They quickly took the fawn inside and called me.  I came out and got the little doe.  Her name is Roxanne.  She is doing great and seems to be very strong but shy.

I received 3 baby squirrels, 2 boys & 1 girl.  They were found by a tree man, while cutting down a tree.  Their nest was destroyed.  They need to be syringed fed right now.  Hopefully they will follow in Freddy's footsteps and grow quickly.
Feeding the squirrels